Antigua Artist Directory



Buckleys: Jan Farara and Michael Hunt & Imogen Margrie of Cedars Pottery

Cobbs Cross: Katie McConnachie

Coolidge: Sarah Fuller

Crosbies: Marie Kinsella

English Harbour: David Cadogan and Nancy Nicholson (Rythm of Blue Gallery)

Falmouth Harbour: Ken Maguire, Dina DeBrozzi, Jennifer Meranto and Michael Strzalkowski (Scrim)

Fig Tree Drive: Sallie Harker (fig tree gallery)

Fitches Creek: Gilly Gobinet and Maria Ross

Hodges Bay: Mossy Fuller

Jolly Harbour and Ffryes Bay (near Valley Church): Jan Jackson and Naydene Gonnella

Long Bay: Deborah Eckert

St. John's:Sarah Fuller (The Pottery Shop, Redcliffe Quay)

Swetes: Cleo Cooper

Yeptons : Gabriela Luery





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